1/2 inch Exercise Fitness Ball Easy To Carry

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  • Anti-burst - made with thick and durable materials. We put your safety as a top priority during manufacturing. Rated up to 2, 000 pounds
  • Slip resistant - commercial grade material provides an excellent slip resistant experience while caring for your safety
  • Easy to clean - our fitness ball is easy to clean with just a soft damp cloth. Most important, our fitness ball is phthalates free and doesn't contain any heavy metal elements

Inflation Notice:

  1. ​​Let the ball sit at room temperature for two hours.
  2. Insert the tip of your foot pump into the ball's air valve and work the pump.
  3. Inflate the ball to about 80% of diameter initially. Wait a further 24 hours before inflating to the recommended size. You should avoid using the ball within the first 24 hours.
  4. Pumping it up again to the recommended size.
  5. Insert the plug and the let the ball sit for another day. ​​

User tips: 

- Store your ball indoors at room temperature
- Clean your ball with a soft cloth or sponge and mild soapy water if needed.
- Keep away from sharp objects​